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Legal Ombudsman Investigations

Professional obligation

These investigations can be just as burdensome and time consuming to deal with as those by the SRA. There is a professional obligation to cooperate with the Ombudsman and to be open and transparent.

I have provided professional support to many firms and solicitors faced with providing information to the Ombudsman usually within a fairly short period of time. These have usually arisen as a result of a client complaint not being resolved leading to an investigation.

It is a fact of professional life that on occasions some clients will use the Ombudsman’s office as a means of exerting unfair pressure on solicitors to settle complaints, which may be entirely without merit. In such circumstances, the Ombudsman’s office needs dealing with properly but also robustly.

My Expertise

I can advise on whether the Ombudsman has jurisdiction and how to respond.

I have considerable experience in dealing with such circumstances and can bring real value to solicitors in this position.

Contact Me

I can help so contact me straightaway. Call me on 07876 7117108 or send me a messsage. I will be happy to have an informal chat to see how I can help.

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