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Licenced Conveyancers

Specialist in regulatory work

I have been in practice as a solicitor since 1982 and understand the pressures that professionals work under. I had 20 years in partnership and have run my own firm for 15 years and have an intimate knowledge of every aspect of practice.

I have specialised in regulatory work for professionals for over 20 years and during that time I have advised on virtually every aspect of solicitors’ regulation. Solicitors and Licenced Conveyancers are regulated in similar ways and many legal principles apply similarly to both.

I am approachable and knowledgeable and I understand exactly how the regulators work and investigate. I also have a comprehensive understanding of how the Disciplinary Tribunals work and how it deals with hearings. You cannot learn how to do this from a text book.

The CLC regulates specialist conveyancing and probate lawyers, and as long as the Legal Services Board approves the need to take out run off insurance cover by the 1 October 2017 there is likely to be a number of individuals and entities switching regulator.

The current Handbook is in many ways similar to the Principles which apply to solicitors and entities regulated by the SRA. It sets out 6 core principles to guide those regulated by CLC. They will be interpreted in a similar way to the SRA Principles which themselves derive from principles going back many years.

I can help guide you through an investigation and provide the support you will need should it proceed to any kind of hearing.

I can also offer support in dealing with complaints from clients or the Ombudsman. Sometimes it can make a big difference when someone outside your firm takes on the burden of dealing with correspondence, or simply provides an objective view and suggested resolution.

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