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My Approach

Choosing a solicitor sufficiently experienced to represent you in an SRA investigation or subsequent disciplinary prosecution is not easy. Solicitors and firms drawn into the process are often unsure where to turn and what to expect at a time that is deeply worrying and stressful.

For over 20 years I advised the Solicitors Regulation Authority and it’s predecessor the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors in connection with professional conduct investigations and prosecutions. I became one of its senior prosecutors and advisers.

I have also advised and represented solicitors, their firms and employees through the regulatory process from start to finish.

I want my clients to feeI confident they are making the right choice in selecting me as their expert adviser and advocate. I understand the investigatory process and its legal principles inside out and I can represent and help you very effectively.

I have prepared and presented hundreds of sets of proceedings before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and will use my experience to help you. I can always identify the real issues and  a way of dealing with them. I will work with you so that you are clear what’s going to happen and how much it will cost.

Good quality advice at the outset of an investigation is essential. It can have a profound impact on its outcome months later.

I am known for being:

  • Expert – I have extensive technical knowledge of a highly specialised area of law.
  • Robust – a litigator who will represent you and present your case firmly and with authority
  • Thorough – I spend the time to completely understand your case and am skilled at reviewing documents and financial information in these proceedings.
  • Calm – my clients value a calm voice and clear head during a very stressful period.

I have an enviable record in defending professionals under investigation and I can help you. Just call or e mail me.

This is how I usually work:

  • You can make an enquiry by telephone or e mail, and my first task is to find out from you what has happened and when. If you want to call me for a free overview to see how I can help that’s fine.
  • I work with complete discretion and if you need to speak with me out of normal office hours away from your place of work that can be easily accommodated.
  • Once I am instructed I will agree a way ahead and agree the costs the work will involve.
  • What you will get is experience, an incisive approach to the problem and a way of dealing with it. I will work collaboratively with you to agree the best way forward. You will find me knowledgeable, approachable and supportive.
  • I will need to know what documents you have such as letters or e mails from the SRA or the Legal Ombudsman, or proceedings from the Disciplinary Tribunal.
  • Once I have all this I can assess, advise and work out a way of dealing with the issues. My experience of dealing with virtually all types of regulatory investigation enables me to work quickly and effectively.
  • I can advise the need for other material and sources of information you may not have considered, such as accountancy, character references, witness statements and expert witnesses. As a general rule these need getting on with reasonably quickly.
  • I am happy to work in whatever way you wish – telephone, e mail, Skype, FaceTime, personal meeting or a combination of them all. It is your choice as a client and i am completely flexible. I am happy to work anywhere in England and Wales and can travel to meet you if that’s what you want.
  • My role is twofold. I will firstly be preparing your case by going through it with you in conjunction with the documents. I will get your case into the best position it can be before any written explanations or representations are provided, or before we appear at the Tribunal.
  • I will secondly be your advocate before the Tribunal looking after the entire process there, and you will have effective and experienced advocacy based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of your case and the legal issues involved. This approach covers all my written and oral advocacy.
  • I will keep you informed of important developments as matters progress and will involve you in decisions to be made at key stages.
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